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Child Directed, Inquiry and Project Based Learning Programs

Barrie Forest and Natural Learning School is a place where children, adults and families find their wildhood. Through our learning programs children build their self-motivation, creativity, resilience, problem solving and innovation skills.

At Barrie Forest and Natural Learning School we believe connecting children with their wildhood is important. We believe children not only learn through play but learn to work with others, find their sense of place in the natural world, to problem solve and discover/pursue interests through play. At Barrie Forest and Natural Learning we support this learning and exploration through a safe yes environment, materials and adult facilitation only when needed.

For information on our Glocal Virtual programs please click below and you will be redirected to the program page or our partner websites for information and sign ups.


What We Do

Glocal Online Nature Inquiry, and PBL Classes

We teach online enrichment classes using Inquiry Based, Problem and Project Based Learning. We start with an idea, topic or driving question your child is interested in or passionate about and develop their learning further

Glocal Virtual Nature School

We are collaborating with Claire Helen Warden from Living Classrooms to expand Virtual Nature School to North America. When you sign up for this homeschool program you receive live daily inquiry learning based on the interests of your children. After your exploration we meet up at lunchtime to share our adventures.

Local Forest & Natural Learning School

Though we are an glocal school we have deep roots in Barrie Ontario and are happy to host our “in forest” classes there. We do not pre plan learning activities or script the day, we do carefully consider how to best use the environment to support and show trust in their learning and process through play. The day is structured to allow the children to make decisions about where they are, how they want to connect and how they want to pursue their interests in their play.

Meet us better

Our School Numbers

More than 500

Individualized Inquiries and Projects taught online using Project Based and Inquiry Learning

More than 25 years

Providing inquiry and child centered programming and training

More than 10 years

Facilitating Forest and Natural Learning Programs


Programs/Workshops Currently enrolling

Why You’ll Love Us

We believe children through to adults deserve to pursue their interests as play. We facilitate Inquiry and Project Based Learning that is fun and engaging!

  • Classes led by a trained facilitator
  • Passion Project classes guided completely by the facilitator with detailed feedback
  • Homeschool Programs that increase motivation, exploration and interaction for families
  • In person classes that build self motivation, creativity, resilient, problem solving and innovation skills
  • Workshops for adults to increase sustainability, innovation and creativity with children

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“felt involved”

My son looked forward to Ms. Barbara’s classes. He loved learning about nature and his other friends interests. Even though he can be a bit shy, she made sure he still felt involved.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


My son loved the class., it was engaging and the teacher was good at bringing the best out of every child.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“highly recommend”

My daughter loved this class! The teacher is so kind and patient and gave detailed feedback in how my daughter was doing in the class. I highly recommend it.


Try out the Inquiry and PBL approach

Our Favourite Inquiry and PBL Tips

  • Project Based Learning
    Perseverance is not doing something you don’t want to do. It is sticking with something you want to do that is hard.
  • Project Based Learning
    How do I find something my Learner is interested in? Listen! Have conversations, talk about what they know, what they don’t, what’s interesting.
  • Inquiry Based Learning
    What do you do with a quiet learner? They are still contributing! Tip: Acknowledge them and let them know they can participate however they want, even just listening. This shows the entire class you accept everyone where they are at.
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