Our workshops are currently only available online. If you wish to register for a public event please follow the link!

Virtual Workshop Schedule

May 27 2021 COEO Camp in a box (Public Event) (details to be announced) Attend

May 18 2021 Cedarsong Nature School (Public Event) Attend

Past Virtual Workshops

April 23 2021 Trent University (Private Event)

March 10 2021 Trent University (Private Event).

March 02 2021 Cedarsong Nature School (Public Event) Attend

February 6 2021 – Simcoe County School Board (Public Event) (Workshop Sold Out)

January 7 2020 – Outschool Meet and Greet/Open house (Public event)

December 30 2020 – COEO Lunch and Learn – Engaging Learners Online (Public Event) (Sold out)

October 2020 – Cedarsong Nature School (Public Event)

July 2020 – COEO (Public Event)

We offer workshops with educators on how to include play and inquiry based learning in your classroom. We also provide workshops that include elements involved with innovative learning with your students (risk, self regulation etc). Workshops are customizable to your audience so we can tweak current workshops to suit your group or we can work on a new workshop topic you think would be of interest to your group.

Workshops (60-120 minutes)

Engaging Learners OnlineInquiring Minds: Inquiry based LearningRisking it All (Risk Play / Adventure Play in the Primary Years)Child in Play: Theories of Play and how to document itSpecial Kids, Special Needs, in the Woods

Don’t have time to make it to a workshop? You can still learn with your own Private Tour and Q&A (Tours are cancelled until further notice)

Forest Kindergarten School Tour with Q&A – focus on Pedagogy

Forest Kindergarten School Tour with Q&A – focus on leaving space for Local Traditional Indigenous Nations

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