Fall Natural Learning Camps

Our Fall Fun Friday PA Day and summer camps are for children 4-7.

At Barrie Forest and Natural Learning School we believe connecting children with their wildhood is important. We believe children not only learn through play but learn to work with others, find their sense of place in the natural world, to problem solve and discover and pursue interests through play. At Barrie Forest and Natural Learning School we support this learning and exploration through a safe outdoor yes environment, materials and adult facilitation.

Though we do not pre plan learning activities and only have a loose schedule for the day we do carefully consider how to best use the environment to support and show trust in their learning and process through play.  We have a camp that has been chosen for it’s unique ability to encourage the children in exploring their wildhood.  We bring a forest kit that is tailored to provoking their interests and needs and the structure to allow the children to make decisions about where they are, how they want to connect and how they want to pursue their interests in their play.

The day starts off with a morning of exploring their wildhood. We will explore in the woods playing, following interests and generally capturing the spirit of play.

After lunch we will have an activity or exploration that children can use for an inquiry or continue their play, learning and exploration in the forest!

We will be making a decision in the fall about the running of our Fall Fun PA Day Camp Dates during this unprecedented time.

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