Nature Project Inquiry Classes

Our Nature Inquiry Project classes can be done online or in person in Simcoe region.

We are doing select students in our in person classes on Wednesdays. Contact for details

Nature Inquiry Project Classes – This class works well for learners who are passionate about nature. They can create long term projects from their nature, sustainability or ecological interests by meeting with the facilitator once a week. Topics outside nature may also be explored. They work on exploring their topic, creating learning goals, exploring resources and completing a final project they plan. They will get an experienced facilitator who is an expert in the field to support the learners through the process of planning, reflecting and self evaluation. In person classes also include a once a week session in the forest to pursue their project.

Nature Inquiry courses for ages 8-13 – Genius Hour

Eco Challenge for learners 10-13 – Eco Challenge

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