Nature School Programs for Toddlers

Nurture Through Nature Playgroup

This playgroup is for toddlers who are walking (to age 3) and their caregiver. The day starts with a hike for caregivers who can wear or stroller their little one to main camp. We will then explore the connection very young children have with nature and strengthen our connection not only to the natural world through them but also strengthen our connection with them.

Inspired by Clair Warden’s nurture through nature child directed learning program the forest school teacher will facilitate learning following the children’s lead to explore our natural world. Every week we have special natural items for the toddlers to explore and play with.

Dates – this program runs Thursday 10:30-12:30

Cost $120 for the entire session

Fall Session 

September 29-November 3 (Full)

Spring Session

April 20- May 25 (Full)

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