Glocal Classes for Passion Projects

Our project and inquiry classes are once a week classes for kids 7-15 and their siblings who thrive in a learner centered experiential environment. They learn best with an inquiry based or self directed learning environment and have interests and passions they want to pursue while wanting to collaborate, brainstorm and take their ideas and projects to the next level. The learners follow their passion projects while learning and using collaboration skills, project management skills, scientific investigation skills using goal setting and self assessment in a virtual class environment.

We believe that children learn best when able to follow their ideas and passions in a group environment where they benefit from being able to create and build projects working with others to stimulate ideas, understandings and perspectives that push their ideas to the next level. We will take learners outside the age range, just message.

Genius Hour – What is your child passionate about? In this course they can dig deeper and create a project based on their interests , work towards a goal and learn project management skills all while doing something they love. Genius hour is rooted in the idea from google that if employees spend 20 percent of their time pursuing passions then innovation naturally follows. It is said both google maps and gmail came from genius hour! Find out how genius hour can benefit your learner. Students start with an idea, passion or area of interest and we develop a project that they dedicate at least an hour a week to seeing what they can accomplish. Students will learn Project Management skills and Scientific Investigation skills after developing their own project. The project goes from idea to displaying their results. Learners set goals, talk about what they are learning and look at self assessment.

Eco Challenge Club – Help the environment and learn about yourself at the same time. From zero waste challenges, earth hour challenges, to organizing an event like a waste clean up. They can also pursue nonlinear consumer challenges like buy nothing challenge, buy nothing crafting, buy local challenge, reusable take out food challenge. This class provides inquiry, motivation and community to accomplish something wonderful. While pursuing their eco challenge students will learn Project Management skills and Scientific Investigation skills by designing and developing their own project from idea, researching and displaying their results. Learners set goals to explore the topic outside of class.

Story Club – This club is for students who want to explore and develop characters, plots and story ideas for their written or drawn stories.  The emphasis will be on creativity and development so this is not a class for learning selling, grammar or proper writing structure but instead will allow the space and creativity to flourish with a Yes environment for all stories whether oral, written or drawn.

Each course or club runs for 8 classes

Total Cost – $149 Canadian / $119.00 American per session


Monday – Thursday

Summer/Fall Session

September 19-November 14 – Full

Winter Session

January 9-March 6 – Full

Spring Session

March 20-May 15 – Full

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