Forest Programs 3-7 year olds

Forest Kindergarten / Forest School Introduction

This is a one morning in person program and one virtual family inquiry. It is an introductory program for children 3-7 and their older siblings who thrive in an outdoor setting. The Anishinabe believe that the first 7 years of a child’s life is “the good life” so we are open to any child at least 3 years of age up to 7 and their older siblings. In this program children are supported in their transitions to more complex play, emerging cognitive skills for inquiry learning, personal independence skills and their emerging social skills to learn to work with each other. We believe the best way to accomplish this learning is through their play and through facilitation only when needed. We also believe in small groups so teachers can effectively use child centred learning approaches and focus on social and communication skills between children, there will always be a 6:1 ratio of forest leaders or better!

Session Fee $496

Wed In forest 10-1 and Family Inquiry on Monday’s

Summer/Fall Session 

September 19-November 11 – Full

Spring Session

April 3 – May 26

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