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How to make a payment

1. Choose option

Families have three options to choose from

Complete PBL homeschool program is a 4 day a week program that provides a complete program for families who are inquiry or self directed learners.

function initPayPalButton() {
style: {
shape: ‘pill’,
color: ‘blue’,
layout: ‘vertical’,
label: ‘paypal’,


createOrder: function(data, actions) {
return actions.order.create({
purchase_units: [{“description”:”Complete Nature and PBL Homeschool Progran”,”amount”:{“currency_code”:”USD”,”value”:396}}]

onApprove: function(data, actions) {
return actions.order.capture().then(function(orderData) {

// Full available details
console.log(‘Capture result’, orderData, JSON.stringify(orderData, null, 2));

// Show a success message within this page, e.g.
const element = document.getElementById(‘paypal-button-container’);
element.innerHTML = ”;
element.innerHTML = ‘

Thank you for your payment!


// Or go to another URL: actions.redirect(‘thank_you.html’);


onError: function(err) {

Genius Hour is a once a week 8 virtual classes where students choose a passion project to pursue.

Story club is a once a week 8 virtual classes where students work on a creative work focusing on story and character development.

2. New students must also complete a registration form. Please complete this form to receive a registration form

Email for a Registration Form Here

3. Click on Link, select your class and pay with PayPal.

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